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HR Capital

HR Capital is an investment company focused on marketplace & commerce digital business, established by Hristo Hristov and Radosvet Radev.

Our Mission

Digital transformation is in its infancy. We are yet to see the digitalisation of industries such as healthcare, hospitality, logistics, agriculture, etc. and these processes are starting to reach even the most remote parts of the world. This creates 

unique opportunities for innovative companies. Alongside this, due to Covid-19, we are observing democratisation of capital, which becomes approachable geographically by many more territories around the world. For example, this makes it possible for a Nigerian company to get a serious financial boost from the US or for a Romanian company to get listed on NASDAQ. Moreover with the funds development and the different investment schemes such as syndicated investment, it is now possible for a Bulgarian to invest 5000 USD in a Latin-American startups portfolio.

At the same time, in the last 18 months online trade received a serious boost with more goods being sold online on more markets around the world. Borders matter less and less and the development of logistics increases even more the diversity of goods and services, which one can access online.

Our long-lasting experience in traditional business, as well as the founding of the largest digital media group in the last 16 years makes us a very sought after partner for the innovative companies in Bulgaria and the region.

We invest both in individual companies and in funds, which diversifies our portfolio and lowers the risk. We have many investments in companies and funds. Two of the fund’s investments are completely paid off, while the third one is at the commitment stage. We invest in companies, whose businesses can be significantly grown by us using our know-how, our team and access to different markets. Being a family media company we have significant knowledge in marketing and sales (sought after by many startups) and we are good at using the audience, which we reach for promotion of innovative goods and services.

Investments snapshots:

eBag – the leader in groceries ecommerce, BIODIT – specialized in developing biometric security systems, Superdoc & Healee – telemedicine and online doctor appointments platforms, Agrigate Media – agriculture media.

HR Capital invests also in 3 successful funds:

Endeavor Catalyst – A fund with 200+ investments, 29 unicorns included. Eleven 2.0 – already scored one major exit (SMS Bump to Yotpo) and companies like GTMHub,  Payhawk, Nitropack, eBag, Econic and the new fund – Eleven 3.0.

HR Capital’s investment policy is focused in digital businesses that are able to quickly scale their operations thanks to the opportunities provided by information technology.

At the same time, they expect monetization when foreign investors enter, taking advantage of globalization – investment in innovative Bulgarian startups.


HR Capital Founders